What we do...

...solving  problems, so that your business can accelerate, improve and develop further in international markets. We consult decision makers and executives on solid strategies, comprehensive solutions & sustainable development.


Our aim is to define solid strategies, find outstanding solutions and develop our clients business to excellence.

Strategy Consulting - Hainsch Consulting
Solution Consulting - Hainsch Consulting
Development Consulting - Hainsch Consulting

Who we are...

...a highly specialized consulting boutique, focusing on strategies, solutions and development. We support multinational corporations, governmental bodies and public companies to define the right strategies, find the best solutions and develop further. We work with highest discretion, full compliance and focus on your success.

It's all about your business!

Your business is first on every agenda, on every meeting, on every solution and on every strategy we do. Throughout the consultation process we focus on your business and your particular situation in the market. We create tailor-made solutions, which go beyond standards and consider every clients chances and challenges. Our consultation is straight to the point, solution focused and  clear.