Islamic & Sharia'ah Consulting

Islamic Business Counseling

In Islam business has to follow certain rules to comply with Shari'ah norms and Islamic values. These rules make the business "halal", which means permissible for Muslims.


We help you to setup your business, contracts, endeavors and partnerships in accordance to the Quraan & Sunnah and make it comply with Shari'ah norms. 

Islamic Finance Advisory

Finance is a sensitive topic in Islam. For Muslims interest are strictly prohibited by Sharia'ah norms. 

Nevertheless Muslim business people require funds and credits to operate successful. 


We consult you on all aspects of Islamic Finance from Policy based Lending, Construction Financing, Asset Management and Islamic Foundations (Waqf).

Islamic Management Consulting

Islam contains a complex system on ethics and norms in regards to peoples interactions. Those norms are based on the Quraan and the Sunnah. 



We advise you and your executive team on those particular topics & norms and give you support to build your management on Islamic values.

In Sharia'ah and Islamic Consulting & Counseling we engage consulting teams of practicing Muslims & Muslimahs with experience Management Consulting and in the fields of Islamic Studies such as Fiqhul-mu'aamalaat (Islamic Finance & Contracts), Sharia'ah norms, 'Uluumul-quraan (Quranic sciences) and 'Uluumul-hadith (Hadith sciences). Our advisers are supported by Islamic scientists, Imams and researchers from reputable Universities and Islamic Institutions.